The Benefits and Challenges of Working as an ABA Therapist

ABA Therapist

Over the last few years, unemployment rates skyrocketed. Thousands and thousands of people have been losing their job due to the work force being so unstable. If you are looking into a stable career, something you can easily become familiar with, then look no further than becoming an ABA therapist. The demand for our services has grown exponentially as more and more children are being diagnosed with autism. ABA therapists work one-on-one with children that are on the spectrum using the principle of applied behavior analysis. They focus on improving independent daily living skills and communication while decreasing problematic behaviors through reinforcement.

Benefits of working as an ABA therapist


1)    Although it takes commitment and work, there is no need to go to college and earn a degree for this position. It is a simple and easy process.  At Blue Gems ABA we train each candidate and guide them through the steps in becoming a behavioral therapist.


2)    You can choose your own schedule, whether you would like a full-time position or a part-time position. It is a career where you can keep a great work life balance.


3)    As an ABA therapist there is instant gratitude, knowing you are helping a child in need and assisting them to a brighter future. It is a very satisfying and accomplishing feeling being able to cause a difference in someone else’s life.


4)    Each day there are challenges to overcome and different techniques you need to use, keeping the job very dynamic and interesting.


5)    ABA therapists have a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst that oversee and supervise their position, by providing constant support and advice for challenging situations.


Unfortunately, as in every job there are difficulties as well. Knowing the hardships beforehand can help you work through them and easily overcome any obstacles.


Challenging aspects of being an ABA therapist


1)    There will be times when the client engages in challenging behaviors which may last for long periods of time or vary in intensity.


2)    Sometimes you need to act on the spur of the moment to keep your client safe.


3)    Even after building a great rapport with the child and the feeling you know them inside out, sometimes the child can turn on you depending on their mood.


4)    Understanding that after a break or even just an extended weekend, a child might need additional time to refresh and get comfortable with you in their home.


Overall, as much as there are some difficulties as an ABA therapist, it is a great enjoyable and accomplishing career. If you are passionate and enjoy working with children, you will be surprised that with the right training, support, and hard work you can really succeed in bringing these children a brighter future. Remember to be patient as progress does take some time and always remain calm in every situation.


If you would like to learn more or get started on becoming an ABA therapist please contact our dedicated team that will be more than happy to assist.