What is Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability involving persistent challenges with social communication, restricted interests, and repetitive behavior. There is often nothing about how they look that sets them apart from other people. Moreover, their abilities vary significantly. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a general term for all subtypes of autisms. To see a detailed list and the meaning of each one, please check out this article in WebMD.


ASD symptoms can start to show at a very early age of 12 months and can last throughout a person’s life. Their symptoms may improve over time through the right behavioral management therapy. Some symptoms can slowly become less severe as the child gets older into their teens and young adulthood.

According to many studies, ASD is diagnosed more often in boys than girls. For further information, please check out the full report on the CDC website.

Causes of ASD

There is no clear-cut cause of ASD. Research does show that some causes include genetics and some environmental factors. Research studies do show as well, that autism tends to run in families.


What is the most successful treatment for ASD?

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and related therapies are usually considered to be the “gold standard” of autism-specific treatment. ABA works with people of all ages, but it is best to start as early as possible.

Dr. Kent Amstutz, D.O. has a great article as well on Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children – check it out!

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